Art & Craft Toys & DIY Toys

  • Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited is established in 1991, specialized in designing and manufacturing highly regarded STEM educational toys, including AR Dinosaur Skeleton Museum, Deluxe Medical set, Electronic Fruit instruments sets, Electronic motion sensor, Solar roller coaster, Robotic Lobster, Hydraulic crane, and Fun Math games sets. The company designs and classifies its STEM products in 4 streams. For example, the mathematics games sets are categorised in the “M”athematics stream, while hydraulic crane which teaches kids the theory of water energy is under the “E”ngineering category.

    Eastcolight has its own creative and experienced team of product designers specialising in the design of STEM toys. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing educational toys, the company is confident in its STEM toys. Eastcolight is also optimistic that the market demand for STEM toys will remain growing.

    The company also produces more than 500 items, such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and electronic kits as gifts and promotional items, sold to over 110 countries worldwide. Besides, by obtaining ICTI, ISO9001 & SA8000 certificates, Eastcolight guarantees product quality and is confident that it can be one of the most reliable suppliers that customers look for.

  • Sam & Partners Ltd.

    Established in 1994, Sam & Partners Ltd has acquired strong experience in manufacturing superior quality dough products. With the head office based in Hong Kong and the production facilities in Mainland China, we offer the best quality, excellent service and competitive prices to our worldwide customers.  

    Product Safety comes Top priority
    Being a professional dough manufacturer, we have our own in-housed lab to carry out Micro-bio test for strictly quality control.  Our dough products conform to European and American safety standards, including tests of EN-71 Part 1-3 & Part 9, Cadmium Content, ASTM F963-03, LHAMA, TRA., USP<51>, USP<61>, etc. In addition, our products also pass the Japan toy Safety Standards (ST).  

    Wide Market Coverage
    We supply our products to various reputable & leading brands from USA, Japan & Europe.  Moreover, we have well experience in handling premium promotion projects for renowned USA food chain store. In addition to managing OEM / ODM projects, we also market our products under our private brand “ Doh-Dough” with distribution to Europe, South America and East Asia countries. 

    Innovative Ideas Never Ends
    We have strong Product Development team creating new innovative products & improving current product features continuously that meets with the ever-changing market needs.  Our in-house designers are creative & strong in product design.  Backed up with our experienced engineers & professional sourcing team, we are able to commercialize any idea into real product in a quick & cost-effective way.  

  • Advance Label Limited

    Advance Label Limited was established in 1967. We specialize in printing adhesive labels and paper products for toys, food, household products, electrical appliances, consumer and promotional goods. With over 50 years of development, we are one of the leading label printing manufacturers in Asia and we offer a wide selection of over 500 types of paper cards, plastic films, and adhesive labels.

    Our China factory is equipped with more than 500 machines that cover the entire spectrum of printing services from design to assembling. We also have our own laboratory which is HOKLAS certified.

    Through continuous investment in new technology, we are committed to meet the marketing demand for product diversity, international quality and safety standards from raw materials during production processes, through to final delivery.
    We offer one-stop service including consultation, tailor-made design, printing and packaging. For more customized services, please contact us.

  • Artrain Ind'l Ltd.

    We firstly established as a brush factory in 1962 and then expanded our production lines to various types of art materials such as poster paint, watercolor and crayons. Years later, with our success in art supplies industry, we took a further step in art & craft activities development. In 2001, Artrain was registered as our trading brand and now it becomes one of the prestige brands in the industry.

    Art is recently added to STEM educational approach, forming STEAM initiative in order to encourage children to come up with creative solutions towards real-world problems. Therefore, products from Artrain without a doubt fulfill the A - Art in STEAM, by which children can learn, think critically and incite their imagination through Artrain Art & Craft products.

    Today, Artrain has a powerful New Product Development team backed up by the technical and chemical supporting staff. With our continuous research in existing products features and new products possibilities, we keep our two streams of parallel development in quality improvement and innovative invention. Our Sales team is ready for your enquiries about our products or business cooperation plans. We welcome all OEM and ODM projects. Moreover, various testing reports (e.g. ASTM and EN71) can be supplied to prove our product safety.

  • International Toys Trading Limited

    International Toys Trading Limited (ITTL) was founded in 1990 and has its headquarter in Hong Kong and branch offices in Shantou, Yiwu and Guangzhou of Mainland China. With more than 30 years of experience specializing in toys trading and merchandising, ITTL maintains its prominent prestige in the promotion of toys & games, promotional gifts and is a dedicated business partner in the Great China market.

    ITTL engages in both OEM and ODM business, our OEM offers tailor-made products according to customers’specifications, helping to turn our client’s innovative ideas into the finished products. We have a team of professional colleagues ( designers ) for whom have rich experience in developing OEM & ODM products, focus on design, manufacture and supply innovative ideas, high quality products.

  • Kid's Toys (HK) Ltd.

    Renowned for its outstanding and consistent product quality, Kid’s Toys (HK) Limited presents to the market a brilliant array of art & craft, fun case, kid’s dough, modelling clay, learning set and plaster. The professional manufacturer and exporter prides itself for adopting advanced production techniques and creating a wide range of innovative ideas for the market. Kid’s Toys has already established a strong presence in most part of the world. OEM orders and customers’ original ideas are cordially welcome.              

  • Panley (HK) Ltd.

    Panley prides itself on its professional knowledge and experience in paper toy products. The well-established company has over 20 years of experience and its business has spread all over the world. Building up a series of enlightened learning materials suitable for children, the company strives to help children achieve better in learning and, more importantly, learn in a happy environment.

    Panley pays great attention in providing quality learning materials for children. “Learning Kitds”, learning materials for kids as ‘Kitds’ is a composition of kits and kids, is the first choice for children in early development stage. Through the well-designed games provided by European professional designers, it provides unlimited entertainment for children in a “play to learn” mode and enhances their development of the six learning elements: Mathematics, Arts, Literacy, Cognitive, Physical and Science.

    Learning Kitds has set up its own production factory which adopts strict quality control, with a mission to let children have a ‘smiley progress’. All paper materials meet FSC forest certification and all products comply with EU safety standards.

  • Smart Zone (HK) Limited

    SmartZone takes pride in its new line of “SMART” products. The company offers superior quality toys and household items with “SMART” concepts and pricing. Having strong research and development capabilities that can provide full product development support to buyers, SmartZone strives to cater to its customers’ personalized needs.

    As a manufacturer, SmartZone is able to provide its own fully developed lines of toys and house wares as well as zooming in on designs that meet its customer’s specific needs. The company is also happy to make customized products!

    SmartZone cares about its products. Its quality and safety Assurance Team is involved in every phase of product development and it follows the whole manufacturing process. Through its in-house and external laboratory testing, the company has strong commitment to quality and safety, and it strives to ensure that its products meet the quality requirements of its clients.

  • SR Global Industrial Ltd.

    Who we are:

    SR Global Indrial LTD Is HK Company and the Factory is Based in Dongguan, China. COVERING 15000 Square Meters, 300 workers up We Focus on Excellent Services, Quality Products and Products Innovation. With over 20 years manuFacturing Experience, SR Global is Trily Your Boundless Partner. With top-leveling capabilities for Novelty, Artcrafts, Educational TOYS, Go Green Products, Make Up, Stationery Etc ... In our array inNovative PRODUCTS, We Are Sure You would find out some some.


    A lady Journey Begins with WHO ALWAYS WANTS to do Special Since She was in Childhood. From Simple Flat Paper to Educational Art Toys.

    Our mission:

    In the Fast-Pace Digital World, The Children Are ObSessed by Cell-PHONE, I Pad, Social Media, Being Respons not toys Maker.

    How can we make creative, Curious, Playful, Eductional, Fun, Safety, DIY-YOUR-OWN Artcraft Personalized Products to Draw the Children's Passions and The Ir inspiration which is our vision and motivity to push our boundary.

  • uDo Future International Paper Products Co., Ltd.

    uDo Future International Paper Products Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based company with over 40 years of experience in the offset printing industry. They specialize in the production of various paper products and offer a comprehensive range of services. The company provides a one-stop service that includes design, photo re-touching, film output, scanning, and color-proofing using advanced technology. They offer OBM, OEM, ODM services to cater to different customer needs.

    The company’s product portfolio includes a diverse range of paper-based items such as 3D Paper Puzzles, Origami, Kids Drawing Kits, Action & Skill Games, STEAM Toys, and 3D Puzzles. Their focus is on developing children's creativity, logic intelligence, and hand-eye coordination through role play. The company has two factories located in Guangdong province, China, covering a total area of more than 12,080 square meters. These factories are equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, and the company maintains a strong emphasis on efficient management practices. With their extensive printing experience over four decades, uDo Future International Paper Products Company Limited is committed to delivering high-quality products. They hold ISO-9002 and ICTI certifications, ensuring that their manufacturing processes meet international standards.

    The company serves a global customer base, with clients from Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and other regions. Their wide reach and established presence in various markets demonstrate their ability to meet the demands of diverse customers across the world.