Robot & Figures & Decorations

  • Toy-mate Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

    Toy-Mate Manufacturing Company Limited was developed from Hui Zhou City Dong Mei Plastic Handware Products Co., Ltd. which was established in 1998. The company specializes in the production of a variety of plastic products, mainly all kinds of plastic toys. It has a labor force of more than 800 employees who are all skilled and professional. Through the successful operation strategy of internationalization, the products of Toy-Mate are sold around the world, including markets in Europe and the United States, etc. Products produced by Toy-Mate are ensured of high quality at reasonable prices and with prompt services. 

  • Toy Major Trading Co. Ltd.

    Toys are the best tools to evoke children’s imagination and teach them basic knowledge. Confide in Toy Major Trading Co., Ltd. for the best toys which educate and entertain. The company offers an excellent array of PVC toys including dinosaurs, wildlife, insects, pets, farm, sea life, army force, figurine, glow power, scary stuff, etc. Toy Major endeavors to provide great service to satisfy customers’ varied needs. The company keeps on refreshing its product range by introducing innovative items. Products of Toy Major are available in different packaging such as card, bag, header, window box, bucket, display box, etc. Contact the company for your information. 

  • Wenno International Ltd.

    Wenno®️, a subsidiary brand under Shing Hing Plastic Mfg. Ltd, was established in 2014. Incorporating Fun elements into Learning is the key educational concept of Wenno’s toys. Their purpose has been to produce safe and affordable toys that help children to learn in an engaging way. The company's task is to develop and provide educational toys for young children in order to promote STEAM learning while also nurturing their abilities and passion for the environment. The company places an emphasis on product safety and continual quality improvement as a responsible corporation. Wenno® products are certified to EN71 and ASTM international standards, as well as ISO9001, to assure quality control and customer satisfaction. Wenno® has grown over the years by developing a global sales channel that includes distribution, wholesale, retail, online, and web development, as well as moving the operation from a small office to an expansion of their own production lines. In 2018, the founder of Wenno® was awarded the Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI) of the Year Award for "New Generation Achievement Award" by the Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI). No matter if you are looking for an educational toy for your kids, or even a family game for collective play, Wenno can satisfy all your needs.

  • Goldlok Holdings (Guangdong) Co. Ltd.

    Goldlok Holdings (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is a toy manufacturer with production plants based in China for over 20 years. We have a team of 800 well experienced workers. Procedures from designing, tooling, moulding, quality control to final inspection are all handled by our skillful team. Our major customers come from North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

    Goldlok Holdings (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells various kinds of toys and children’s products. We provides its products through large department stores, supermarkets, chain stores, gift stores, etc. in China. Goldlok Holdings (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. also offers its products in the United States, Latin America, European Union, Asia, and Hong Kong. The company was formerly known as Puning City Zhenxing Manufacturing Plant Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Goldlok Holdings (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. in 2005. Goldlok Holdings (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. is based in Puning City, China.

    Goldlok is principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of electronic and electrical plastic toys. Our’s major products include electric trains, remote control simulated planes, robot toys, electrical automobile toys, dolls and magnetic word pads for learning, among others. Goldlok also involves in trading business. It distributes its products in domestic and overseas markets, such as the United States, Latin America, European Union (EU) and other Asian regions. 

  • Wellmax Trading Ltd.

    Wellmax Trading Ltd is proud to provide you with our full range product catalogues.

    Wellmax Trading Ltd is a worldwide exporter of general merchandise and toys. Our expertise encompasses over a decade of providing all levels of the importing industry with fast selling high profit items.

    Wellmax currently sells thousands of products consisting of over thirty-five different categories such as houseware, stationery, seasonal items and various toy items. 

    Wellmax's professional sales and support staffs will assist you in services such as OEM program and product development. Our modern experience permits us to serve you globally in a timely and cost effective manner.

    We look forward to serving your future order needs by committing to consistently offer you the best merchandise selections at the most cost efficient pricing in the industry.

    Wellmax Trading is your one stop merchandise source.