Engineering Toys & Construction Block Toys

  • Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    Eastcolight (Hong Kong) Limited is established in 1991, specialized in designing and manufacturing highly regarded STEM educational toys, including AR Dinosaur Skeleton Museum, Deluxe Medical set, Electronic Fruit instruments sets, Electronic motion sensor, Solar roller coaster, Robotic Lobster, Hydraulic crane, and Fun Math games sets. The company designs and classifies its STEM products in 4 streams. For example, the mathematics games sets are categorised in the “M”athematics stream, while hydraulic crane which teaches kids the theory of water energy is under the “E”ngineering category.

    Eastcolight has its own creative and experienced team of product designers specialising in the design of STEM toys. With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing educational toys, the company is confident in its STEM toys. Eastcolight is also optimistic that the market demand for STEM toys will remain growing.

    The company also produces more than 500 items, such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and electronic kits as gifts and promotional items, sold to over 110 countries worldwide. Besides, by obtaining ICTI, ISO9001 & SA8000 certificates, Eastcolight guarantees product quality and is confident that it can be one of the most reliable suppliers that customers look for.

  • International Toys Trading Limited

    International Toys Trading Limited (ITTL) was founded in 1990 and has its headquarter in Hong Kong and branch offices in Shantou, Yiwu and Guangzhou of Mainland China. With more than 30 years of experience specializing in toys trading and merchandising, ITTL maintains its prominent prestige in the promotion of toys & games, promotional gifts and is a dedicated business partner in the Great China market.

    ITTL engages in both OEM and ODM business, our OEM offers tailor-made products according to customers’specifications, helping to turn our client’s innovative ideas into the finished products. We have a team of professional colleagues ( designers ) for whom have rich experience in developing OEM & ODM products, focus on design, manufacture and supply innovative ideas, high quality products.

  • Everite Transworld Limited

    Everite Transworld Limited, is established in the 1970’s, specializing in designing and manufacturing a variety of toys, novelties and promotional premiums. Since 1970, we own more than 70 design patents of toys and novelties. One of our signature item is sticky toys which we own the patent of the materials, which can applied to many different toys application. Our experienced and professional team also offers one-stop service starting from product development, quality control, manufacture from conceptual ideas to delivery. Insist “Design and Made by Hong Kong”.
    One of the popular and significant toy products, Ming The Minibus, an originally created cartoon of Hong Kong that serves as a signature icon of this city, is also designed and manufactured by us. The 52-episode cartoon is broadcasted in Hong Kong TV channel and distributed to many regions including Los Angeles of the United States, Korea, Malaysia, airline and etc. Besides cartoons, children can find Ming magazines and DVD as well as Ming The Minibus themed indoor playground which has an area of 12000 square feet and a harbor view and is currently one of the largest indoor theme playground in Hong Kong.
    We own a lot of patent items, among which a recent and remarkable one is Rocket Wheels. Rocket Wheels Speed Pipes is the first-ever remote-controlled toy with vehicles speeding through pipes instead of on top of tracks, making it stand out among the diversified wheel car market. This product is the finalist of specialty items of Toy of The Year Award (TOTY) in 2017.
    After decade of product revolution, we kept to enhanced player’s experience and created CLiONE, a new series of Wall Climbing Toy. It has some new featured added in by our designer, making its hands and feet swing together when sliding off. With originality and innovation, we own the patent of the adhesive materials used in the product.
    Awards and Qualifications
    Everite Transworld Ltd’s products are created with groundbreaking ideas and excellent quality. Our production facilities help in plastic molding, fabric sewing and are of electronic assembly capabilities with reliable quality assurance. Our manufacturing facilities comply with international certificates including:

    • International Organization for Standardization 9000 – Management system.
    • International Organization for Standardization 14001 – Environmental Management system.
    • Good Manufacturing Practice – Candy toys packaging
    • C-TPAT
    • Electronic Components Certification Board : QC08000
    • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18000
    Everite Transworld Limited always strives to provide top-notch products and outstanding services to fulfill the needs of our customers. We express our great sincerity in developing long-term relationships with different companies and prospective buyers.
    Please contact us for exclusive offers

  • COG Ltd.

    Founded in 2003, COG Limited is an innovative design company devoted to creating unique, educational STEM toys and other products that inspire imaginative minds. Located in Hong Kong, China, our team of professionals strives to infuse all COG products with a sense of innovation and imagination that our company represents.

    Over the decades, COG Limited has successfully created a broad range of unique products which have become bestsellers worldwide. All our toys and products are educational and entertaining, and the raw materials we use are safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Artrain Ind'l Ltd.

    We firstly established as a brush factory in 1962 and then expanded our production lines to various types of art materials such as poster paint, watercolor and crayons. Years later, with our success in art supplies industry, we took a further step in art & craft activities development. In 2001, Artrain was registered as our trading brand and now it becomes one of the prestige brands in the industry.

    Art is recently added to STEM educational approach, forming STEAM initiative in order to encourage children to come up with creative solutions towards real-world problems. Therefore, products from Artrain without a doubt fulfill the A - Art in STEAM, by which children can learn, think critically and incite their imagination through Artrain Art & Craft products.

    Today, Artrain has a powerful New Product Development team backed up by the technical and chemical supporting staff. With our continuous research in existing products features and new products possibilities, we keep our two streams of parallel development in quality improvement and innovative invention. Our Sales team is ready for your enquiries about our products or business cooperation plans. We welcome all OEM and ODM projects. Moreover, various testing reports (e.g. ASTM and EN71) can be supplied to prove our product safety.

  • Dynamic Scientific Limited

    DYNAMIC SCIENTIFIC LIMITED, is a joint-venture corporation which is formed by CITIWELL Industrial Ltd. and Kingsurf Plastic Product Ltd. Both companies have been in optical, science and educational products manufacturing industry since early 90’s. Our main production plant is located in Hui Yang (Guangdong Province), which is 60km from China / Hong Kong border (Lowu). With our years experience and knowhow in this field, having our own design team and mold shop in the plant, we commit ourselves to develop innovative Optics, Science products with fun and educational element. Our specialty with excellent quality brings us a high reputation in the industry and as a well-known OEM, ODM partner. Our wide range of products distribute to most countries in the world including North America, Japan, Europe and others.

  • Masterkidz Learning Ltd.

    Masterkidz Toys is committed to providing kids with quality wooden toys that are ethically sourced, educational, durable and safe. We believe all kids should be provided with age-appropriate and rewarding playthings during their childhood. After all, this is a vital chapter in life to let our children learn and enjoy creative and imaginative play.

    All materials of Masterkidz toys are sustainably produced by highly skilled craftsmen using European beech, Canadian wood and other eco-friendly materials such as water-based paint, o-zone friendly e-zero glue and recycled packaging materials.

    To keep learners fully engaged, we have combined STEAM learning with hands-on activities. Our major product, STEM Wall is gaining attention in the STEAM toy market. It includes a host of themed learning boards that can be attached to the wall via a simple screw-in bracket system. Children can use our tools and learning boards to build pictures according to their own designs. We also have a pipe builders’ kit in which those components are connected to the STEM Wall using fixing bands and screws and children can form numerous whacky routes using clear ridged tubes and white plastic connectors. For children who are interested in magnetism theory, we have a magnetism discovery board providing horseshoe magnet and magnet bar for them to try how attraction and repulsion work between magnetic poles. Our STEM toys teach children science, technology, engineering, and math skills in a entertaining and immersive way. We always encourage open-ended play for our kids to manipulate the materials on their own and work on their spatial and tactile skills.

    Learning is fun!  Masterkidz is proud to take part in creating the realm of happy learning for our kids.

  • Sam & Partners Ltd.

    Established in 1994, Sam & Partners Ltd has acquired strong experience in manufacturing superior quality dough products. With the head office based in Hong Kong and the production facilities in Mainland China, we offer the best quality, excellent service and competitive prices to our worldwide customers.  

    Product Safety comes Top priority
    Being a professional dough manufacturer, we have our own in-housed lab to carry out Micro-bio test for strictly quality control.  Our dough products conform to European and American safety standards, including tests of EN-71 Part 1-3 & Part 9, Cadmium Content, ASTM F963-03, LHAMA, TRA., USP<51>, USP<61>, etc. In addition, our products also pass the Japan toy Safety Standards (ST).  

    Wide Market Coverage
    We supply our products to various reputable & leading brands from USA, Japan & Europe.  Moreover, we have well experience in handling premium promotion projects for renowned USA food chain store. In addition to managing OEM / ODM projects, we also market our products under our private brand “ Doh-Dough” with distribution to Europe, South America and East Asia countries. 

    Innovative Ideas Never Ends
    We have strong Product Development team creating new innovative products & improving current product features continuously that meets with the ever-changing market needs.  Our in-house designers are creative & strong in product design.  Backed up with our experienced engineers & professional sourcing team, we are able to commercialize any idea into real product in a quick & cost-effective way.  

  • Sharper Innovations Ltd.Sharper Innovations Limited, founded by Patrick Poon, began as an OEM manufacturer, providing product development and design consultation. Since 2002, we developed our own designed products and received positive feedback from customers in Europe, USA and Japan.
    Notably, our original electronic cubes called ‘TACTBiT’, have received widespread acclaim for their ability to ignite the talents of toddlers and young scientists through STEAM education. Designed for children from age 1 and up, TACTBiT has earned prestigious awards like Silver Award by HKSDA 2020 and the A ‘Design Award in 2021. Through innovative products and educational solutions, we aim to enhance the potential of children and foster their problem-solving skills to contribute to global technology development.
  • Think & Act Strategic Co., Ltd

    Think globally, act locally!     Think thoroughly, act promptly!

    Base on this marketing strategy and mindset, Company has been growing over 20 years.

    Our vision is to product high quality toys through comprehensive series from design, product development, sourcing, manufacturing and quality control to delivery of goods.

    Our mission is to assist customers in identifying products that best suit their market needs while providing good value and quality products. Let children playing safety toys!

  • Vtech Electronics Ltd.

    VTech is the global leader in electronics learning products from infancy to preschool and the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones.  It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. Founded in 1976, VTech’s mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high quality products in a manner that minimizes any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders and communities.

    With headquarters in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in mainland China and Malaysia, VTech currently has operations in 14 countries and regions. It employs approximately 26,000 employees, including around 1,600 R&D professionals in R&D centres in Hong Kong, mainland China, Germany, the US, Canada & Taiwan.  This network allows VTech to stay abreast of the latest technology and market trends throughout the world, while maintaining a highly competitive cost structure.

    The Group invests significantly in R&D and launches numerous new products each year.  VTech sells its products via a strong brand platform supported by an extensive global distribution network of leading traditional and online retailers.